Interview with Acting Teacher, Lola Cohen

This is a fascinating interview with Lola Cohen. She is an acting coach who travels all over the world teaching the craft. In this interview she shared her experiences studying with Lee Strasberg. She is a very smart woman who loves acting and her students from all over the world.

Gay USA 1/22/2020

Mike Pence attends anti-gay church service; out lesbian coach going to the Super Bowl

Loss and Its Impact on Parenting

Have you ever thought about how loss can impact parenting?  On this show Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi Horsley explore this important topic with bereaved sibling Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn, author of The Empty Room, Understanding Sibling Loss,  and Rachel Stephenson, producer of the TED talk Against...

Punto de Vista | Enero 16, 2020

Carlos Cabrera recorre y analiza diferentes acontecimientos a nivel local, nacional e internacional: el juicio de "impeachment" contra el presidente Trump; el intento del gobierno de suspender el beneficio de los cupones de alimentos para mas de 700.000 familias; y el caso de una menor de 4 años...