MNN 38th Street & Firehouse

Daniel Coughlin - President & CEO
Ivan Alves - Facilities Coordinator
Emely Cespedes - Receptionist (FH)
Mindy Huertas - Manager of HR & Administration
Toape S. Ky - PT Receptionist (FH / Evening)
Antony McPherson - Facilities Coordinator
Zenaida Mendez - Director, MNN El Barrio Firehouse
Lana Milis - Business Manager
Greg Sutton - Managing Director of Access Services
Broadcast Operations
Hector Peña - Manager of Broadcast Operations
Frankie Mateo - Media Librarian
Keith Bethea - Master Control Operator
Jordan West - Master Control Operator
Media Education
Tiffany Blount - Director of Media Education
Sean Mannion - Manager of Media Education
DaShawn Pretlow - Media Education Coordinator
Jacob Feiring - Media Education Coordinator
Cindy Candelario - Media Education Coordinator
Mark Minnig - Programs Coordinator
Emily Miller - Director of Development & Marketing

David Aviles - Development Manager
Chris Ogunfowora - Social Media Marketing Coordinator

Production & Facilitation
Leon B. Taylor Manager of Production and Facilitation
Cory Brice - Production Coordinator
Richard Speziale - Production Coordinator
Eny Hanson - Production Coordinator
Fredy Pinto - Production & Studio Manager
Carla Robles - Production Facilitator
Tiffany Hill Rock - Production Facilitator
Zach Schippani - Production Coordinator
MNN Programming & MNN Productions
Jeannette SantiagoProgramming Director
Dulce Mateo - Scheduling Coordinator
Saemus Rodriguez - Director of Technology Operations
Craig Sinclair - Digital Media Manager

MNN Board of Directors

Damian Benders - Chair
Kavery Kaul - Treasurer
Jim Fenhagen - Vice-Chair
Chey Blake - Secretary
Rachel Chanoff
Peter Frank
Alaina Gilligo
Terry Lawler
Cynthia Lopez
Susan Margolin
Eddie Silverio
Cheryl Williams
George Stoney - Emeritus (1916-2012)
Dan Coughlin - President & CEO, Ex Officio


Email MNN

Phone: 212-757-2670

Broadcast Operations
 - ext: 308

General Administration
 - ext: 301

 - ext: 200

Marketing & Development
 - ext: 352

Media Education
 - ext: 330

Press Inquiries
 - ext: 352

Production & Facilitation
 - ext: 314

 - ext: 305, 334

Fax: 212-757-1603

This Week on MNN

September 28, 2023

Esta semana en MNN continuamos nuestra celebración del Mes de la Herencia Hispana

This Week on MNN we continue our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

This Week On MNN

September 14, 2023

Esta Semana en MNN reconocemos el Mes de la Herencia Hispana


This Week on MNN We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

B-Roll 101: Practical & Effective Tips

September 8, 2023

Learn all about b-roll and how you can find it, shoot it, and use it to add depth and interest to both scripted and documentary video projects.