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In April of 1968, the seeds of Earth Month were planted when a student and his teacher experienced the gratification of cleaning up a local creek, but acknowledged the need for broader action. This yearly event aims to elevate consciousness and champion initiatives addressing the most pressing challenges facing our planet. Join us This Week on MNN as our Community Members join in on the Earth Month campaign. 

Join us Sunday, April 21 starting at 1 PM and Wednesday, April 24 starting at 7 PM on MNN HD (Spectrum 1993)

The Environment TV spotlights air, water, land use, and solutions concerning environmental challenges. In this episode, the producers explore woodlands and campgrounds in Staten Island, showcase a wildlife calendar, and provide viewers with updates on environmental legislation in New York State.

Sunday 1 PM / Wednesday 7 PM 

The Environment TV airs every other Sunday at 10 AM on MNN Community


Empowering Women Everywhere hosted by Nann Gill introduces viewers to the work and services of local community organizations. On this episode guests Sarah Womer and Atticus Lanigan talk with Nann about Zero to Go, a waste management company focused on composting and recycling. 

Sunday 2 PM / Wednesday 8 PM 

Empowering Women Everywhere  airs every Saturday at 1 PM on MNN HD 

Mental Health and You with Cynthia Timms is a show dedicated to destigmatizing mental health, especially within communities of color. In this episode host Cynthia Timms talks with environmental artist and activist Daniel Lanzilotta about exploring the effects of climate change on mental health and actionable steps to tackle climate change effectively.

Sunday 2:30 PM / Wednesday 8:30 PM

Mental Health and You with Cynthia Timms airs on the last Sunday of the month at 8:30 PM on MNN Lifestyle