Imagining The Movement Beyond Bernie

Host Jim Vrettos has a conversation with Samelys Lopez, Congressional Candidate for the 15th CD-South Bronx; and Troy Walcott, Spectrum Worker and Strike Organizer.  At this time in U.S. politics, the question is: how will the movement continue?

Imagining How to Unplug Spectrum

Host Jim Vrettos interviews Troy Walcott and Ray Reyes, Spectrum Workers, Organizers/Activists; who tell us the status of the workers fight against the cable corporation, a subsidiary of Charter Communications, Inc. whose policies harm both workers and users in NYC.

Imagining A Brand New Congress

Host Jim Vrettos interviews six candidates to the US Congress who present themselves as an alternative to the establishment and a new breed of politicians looking to regain the serve part in public service positions:

Samelys Lopez | Candidate - 15th Congressional District

Melanie D'Arrigo |...

Punto de Vista | Marzo 5, 2020

Carlos Cabrera tiene como invitada a Donaida Castillo, quien promociona el panel "El rol más importante de la Mujer Actual". Luego, Carlos entrevista a la conferencista Yira Vermenton, autora del libro "El ABC de la Felicidad".

How ARK is Transforming Villages

In this episode, the Makillala Crew: Jen and Rachelle, with guest co-host Lenn Almadin-Thornhill; interview Ayesha Vera-Yu, CEO & Co-Founder of Advancement for Rural Kids; and Paolo Española Co-Founder at Hidden Apron.  They share with us how a five cents food program can fight poverty and...

Imagining What's Love Got To Do With It... Everything

Host Jim Vrettos welcomes Psychotherapist, Author, Activist, Media Personality Beatty Cohan-Vrettos to have an interesting conversation about love, its importance for the human soul and the effects of being depraved of it.  They will address marriage from a special view, including comments from Dr...

Punto de Vista | Febrero 27, 2020

El presentador, Carlos Cabrera, en compañía de Zenaida Mendez, Productora Ejecutiva del programa, hablan de las protestas pacificas tanto en la República Dominicana como en la diaspora exigiendo una explicación a la cancelación de las elecciones municipales el pasado 16 de febrero. También hacen un...