Gay USA 5/13/2020

Two great pioneers lost — trans activist Aimee Stephens and the king of rock and roll, Little Richard. ∎ Aimee Stephens, transgender hero, dies before Supreme Court rules on her case. ∎ Little Richard, the father of rock ‘n’ roll who died at 87, brought gay flamboyance to 1950’s America. ∎ US...

Gay USA 5/6/2020

∎ LGBT activism helps get the anti-LGBT Franklin Graham to leave town when he was on the verge of expanding his Samaritan’s Purse operation in New York.   ∎ Reclaim Pride press conference to hold the Governor, Mayor, and Mount Sinai hospital to account for collaborating with bigotry was busted up by...

Gay USA 2/5/2020

"Pete Buttigieg's boom, the State of the Union, and special guest Judith Kasen-Windsor (Edie Windsor's widow)."

Gay USA: 2019 Queer Liberation March

A roundtable discussion about the 2019 Queer Liberation March in New York City, with Reginald Thomas Brown, Robert Baez, Bar Pitt, and Francesca Barjon, organizer of the Reclaim Pride march.

Aired, July 4th, 2019

Gay USA: Donald Trump Tweets About LGBT Pride

Donald Trump tweets about LGBT Pride while defending ban on trans troops • non-gay cop wins case in anti-LGBT harrassment • another trans woman murder this year... and much more!

Aired June 5th, 2019