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Gay USA 5/26/2021

Prospects bad for Equality Act in Congress; interview with Sarah Schulman on her massive history of ACT UP/New York. ∎ Our guest is Sarah Schulman on her epic and highly praised new book, “Let the Record Show: A Political History of ACT UP New York, 1987-1993.” ∎ The Nashville DA won’t enforce...

Gay USA 5/12/2021

Biden restores some LGBTQ+ rights; various states still taking them away. ∎ Biden’s HHS restores ban on anti-LGBTQ discrimination in healthcare. ∎ We’ll tell you about the first out transgender bishop in a US Christian denomination. ∎ Reclaim Pride in New York announces its marching route for June...

Gay USA 5/5/2021

Legendary author Alison Bechdel tells us about her new book; President Biden supports transgender youth. ∎ Our guest at the top of the show is writer and artist Alison Bechdelon her new graphic memoir “The Secret to Superhuman Strength” offering her reflections on self-improvement, death and her...

Gay USA 4/28/2021

Biden appoints LGBT leaders to Dept. of Defense; federal judge dismisses lawsuit against trans school athletes.

Gay USA 4/14/2021

NCAA promises support for trans athletes; Pres. Biden nominates gay sheriff to run Customs and Border Protection.  ∎ The NCAA pulls its major events out of states that prohibit trans participation in school sports. ∎ Biden picks out gay Trump critic to lead Customs and Border Protection. ∎...

Gay USA April 7, 2021

Merryn Johns & Andy Humm on Arkansas's vicious anti-trans law, Biden's opening military to trans people, and Kate Winslet's tease about closeted LGBT actors. ∎ President Biden lifts ban on transgender troops. ∎ DOJ says LGBTQ people are protected in schools. Again. ∎ Arkansas’ governor vetoes...

Gay USA 3/31/2021

Trans people under attack in half the states; LGBTQ students sue to stop discrimination by Christian colleges. ∎ As vicious anti-trans legislation starts passing in the states, our guest is Arli Christian of the ACLU on how to fight back. ∎ The Georgia state legislator arrested for trying to see Gov...

Gay USA 3/24/2021

States continue attacks on LGBTQ; Glee reunion at GLAAD Awards Apr. 8. ∎ Arkansas passes bill allowing denial of healthcare to LGBTQ people from people with religious objections. ∎ A rainbow flag was spotted at the US Capitol coup attempt. ∎ Trans man wins discrimination suit against Queens, NY...

Gay USA 3/17/2021

The Vatican doubles down on cruelty to LGBTQ+ people; Senate Republicans lie about the Equality Act. The Vatican calls us sinful again. Senate Judiciary Committee considers Equality Act. States begin passing anti-trans bills Wonderful father defends trans daughter. LGBT winners at the Grammys.

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May 16, 2024

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