Gay USA 3/24/2021

March 25, 2021

States continue attacks on LGBTQ; Glee reunion at GLAAD Awards Apr. 8. ∎ Arkansas passes bill allowing denial of healthcare to LGBTQ people from people with religious objections. ∎ A rainbow flag was spotted at the US Capitol coup attempt. ∎ Trans man wins discrimination suit against Queens, NY technical school. Trans woman who won suit in Brooklyn has not received damages. ∎ Trans pioneer Robina Asti has died at 99. ∎ Some Catholic leaders pushing back against Vatican ban on blessing gay unions as Pope tries to have it both ways. ∎ The EU sanctions Chechen leaders over persecution of gays and lesbians. ∎ Marvel reveals its first gay teen Captain America.

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Gay USA is a weekly news program recorded in the Manhattan Neighborhood Network Studios, that deals with gay, lesbian and LGBT issues and is hosted by longtime gay rights activists and journalists Andy Humm and Ann Northrop.

The hour-long program includes coverage of local, national and...

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