Gay USA April 7, 2021

April 8, 2021

Merryn Johns & Andy Humm on Arkansas's vicious anti-trans law, Biden's opening military to trans people, and Kate Winslet's tease about closeted LGBT actors. ∎ President Biden lifts ban on transgender troops. ∎ DOJ says LGBTQ people are protected in schools. Again. ∎ Arkansas’ governor vetoes terrible anti-trans bill. Legislature overrides him. ∎ A neo-Nazi is spared prison time by a judge who thinks he’s suffered enough as a trans person. ∎ Patrick O’Connell, founder of Visual AIDS and the Day without Art, has died. ∎ Lil Nas X’s new song debuts at #1.

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Gay USA is a weekly news program recorded in the Manhattan Neighborhood Network Studios, that deals with gay, lesbian and LGBT issues and is hosted by longtime gay rights activists and journalists Andy Humm and Ann Northrop.

The hour-long program includes coverage of local, national and...

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