New American Youth Ballet Presents

Explore inspiring stories of hard work and great achievement with New American Youth Ballet Presents! 

Directed by award winning teacher and film maker: Elizabeth Flores

Metropolitan Community Church of NY

Sunday worship services from MCC New York, Church of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, open to all Rev. Pat Bumgardner preaching.

Globetrotter Jon Haggins

Talk. Informative service. Travel is an education that has to be shared. GlobeTrotter TV travels the world exploring many cultures, cuisine, traditions and people. Remember my world is your world, so get up, get out and travel.

Something to Offer

Something to Offer is an empowering half hour talk show which focuses on people in all arenas, of all ages and ethnicities fullfilling their dreams and goals, inspiring the viewers to take their dreams and make them realities.


MUJERES EN DINAMICA Es un espacio de variedades cumpliendo con los fundamentos de la comunicacion de informar, educar y entretener. El segemento central "Mujer Dinamica" destaca no solamente el status, sino tambien la labor desarrollada dentro y fuera del pais; Republica Dominicana, Esatdos Unidos y...

Eight Tips for Better Results When Shooting on Green Screen

June 15, 2022

Green screen compositing isn't just a matter of setting up a backdrop, shooting your film or video, and clicking some buttons in your favorite video editing program. To get the best results you need to make sure you set up your green screen and your camera to get a clean image that makes it easy for...