The Radical Imagination

The Radical Imagination looks at radical alternatives of what the United States could be like, offering a safe space in which people can discuss what they imagine in order to transform the criminal justice system, economic system, political system, etc.; understanding that the same issues that affected the country back in the 60s are affecting it in different forms today.

Stay up-to-date on local elections, New York politics, and community issues with our Community channel.

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Gay USA 6/3/2020

Black, gay activist DeRay Mckesson on the protests; NYC gay activist beaten by police. ∎ In the wake of the police murder of George Floyd, a week of Black Lives Matter protests nationwide and a federal government turning on its own people. We will speak with DeRay Mckesson: educator, civil rights...

Nada detiene el futuro

A pesar del ruido, se avanza en el proceso de organización de las elecciones y aunque actuando con la presión de grupos externos la JCE va liberando procesos. Confirmado el voto en el 90 por ciento del exterior y en un proceso de reestructuración de algunas Juntas municipales, es necesario definir...