In this week’s YC Spotlight, MNN’s youth producers share how their teachers have impacted their lives and explain why the government needs to invest in them.
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Spring break is finally here and the weather is coming around too. Relax and unwind with the Youth Channel next week, with shows about young people who are looking back on their past and planning for their future.
This Sunday on “The Radical Imagination,” host Jim Vrettos talks with comedian and Curly Howard impersonator, Bob Greenberg, about the history of comedy around the world and who has influenced the work he does today.
Stephon Clark was shot dead by cops for holding a cell phone. Alton Sterling's killer was just acquitted. When will justice be served? This week's YC Spotlight covers a rally against police brutality. Watch Now.
10,000 more Americans are dying from opioid overdoses than from AIDS during the epidemic's peak.