This Week on MNN celebrates new Community Produced Programs!

As we celebrate Spring, This Week on MNN focuses its attention on some terrific new community produced programs you’re sure to enjoy. Join us this week as we learn new exercise routines, get health advice, fashion tips, and take a look inside the music industry.   


Join us Sunday, March 26 starting at 1 PM and Wednesday, March 29 starting at 7 PM on MNN HD (Spectrum 1993).


Full schedule:



Shaping up with Santana is a half hour of fun and fitness. No more spending time and money at the gym, simply turn on your televisions. Fitness instructor, Santana Rodriguez delivers easy to follow work-outs; provides encouragement, and beautiful backdrops to help you get in the best shape possible. Come work-out with Santana This Week on MNN. 

Shaping up with Santana airs every Saturday at 11 AM on MNN Lifestyle 

Sunday 1 PM / Wednesday 7 PM


Mind via Sol  supplies viewers with wellness information to help with some of life’s struggles. On this episode host Yvette Laboy talks with integrative medicine specialist Dr. Christine Bishara. They discuss Dr. Bishara's Gut Health Study and how it relates to COVID and other issues.

Mind via Sol airs the last Sunday of every month at 7PM on MNN Spirit 

Sunday 1:30 PM / Wednesday 7:30 PM


Songs of my Life is a show where songwriters can get the inside scoop on the music industry. Host Luana Sandoval is a multilingual songwriter who appeared on American Idol and has multiple songwriting credits to her name. On this episode Luana is joined by Nashville songwriter/registration analyst Matthew Chinitz. They discuss writing credits, royalties, streaming services and more. If you're looking for a career in the industry then you don’t want to miss this conversation.  

Songs of my Life airs every Friday at 9 PM on MNN Lifestyle 

Sunday 2 PM / Wednesday 8 PM


Gothams Galleria Style Spotting NYC takes a dive into what is arguably the fashion capital of the world, The Big Apple. This show goes straight into the meaning of fashion. Join Gothams Galleria’s cameras as they scour the city for unique street fashion. In a NY minute you’ll see thrift store, designer, and tourist fashions that will inspire you to take a look at what's in your closet. 

Gothams Galleria Style Spotting NYC airs every other Friday at 8:30 PM on MNN Lifestyle 

Sunday 2:30 PM / Wednesday 7:30 PM