Represent NYC: Democratic Primary Politics

After the upset of Super Tuesday, only two Democratic candidates remain on the ballot for the presidential primaries, Biden and Sanders. Join Dr. Chrisitina Greer, Matt McDermott, and Lincoln Mitchell as the discuss the ramifications of Super Tuesday and where the Democratic party goes from here.

Punto de Vista | Marzo 5, 2020

Carlos Cabrera tiene como invitada a Donaida Castillo, quien promociona el panel "El rol más importante de la Mujer Actual". Luego, Carlos entrevista a la conferencista Yira Vermenton, autora del libro "El ABC de la Felicidad".

Raising Vibrations against Gender-Based Violence

From native American Sun Dances and Ghost dances, to Irish Ceilis and jazz dancing across-the-color line, people have danced to resist, as well as to celebrate.  Around the world a whole lot of women are keeping that tradition alive with mass dancing in the streets on or around VDay, February 14th. ...