This Week on MNN

This Week on MNN immerse yourself in the vibrant world of art as MNN Community Producers showcase extraordinary talents and captivating stories.

Join us Sunday, January 7  starting at 1 PM and Wednesday, January 10 starting at 7 PM on MNN HD (Spectrum 1993

Active Aging Stories introduces viewers to senior citizens living active, creative and challenging lives. On this episode join us to witness the inspiring journey of award winning weaver and artist Zenaide Reiss. Learn about Zenaide’s NYC upbringing and the remarkable path that led her to become the celebrated artist she is today. 

Sunday 1PM / Wednesday 7PM

Active Aging Stories airs every other Sunday at 6:30PM on MNN Community

The Public Voice Salon hosted by John Bredin is an open dialogue on culture and ideas with a particular focus on education. In this episode John talks with culinary leader and celebrity chef David Burke. Exploring topics ranging from creativity and innovation to work ethic. This is a conversation you won’t want to miss. 

Sunday 1:30PM / Wednesday 7:30PM 

The Public Voice Salon airs every Wednesday at 5PM on MNN Community 

The Society Network, also known as Extreme Art Television (EAT) highlights unknown and unique artists from around the world. Join us as host Summer Moran introduces us to the incredible autistic architectural artist Stephen Wiltshire, renowned for his detailed city landscapes drawn from memory after a single viewing. Also featured are mesmorizing 3D chalk artist Tracy Lee Stum, body paint illusionist Kika, and coffee artist Micheal Breach. Brace yourself for a show that will keep you glued to your seat. 

Sunday 2PM / Wednesday 8PM 

The Society Network airs every other Sunday at 12AM on MNN HD and at 10PM on MNN Culture