Gay USA 5/13/2020

May 14, 2020

Two great pioneers lost — trans activist Aimee Stephens and the king of rock and roll, Little Richard. ∎ Aimee Stephens, transgender hero, dies before Supreme Court rules on her case. ∎ Little Richard, the father of rock ‘n’ roll who died at 87, brought gay flamboyance to 1950’s America. ∎ US Supreme Court hears two cases and seem poised to exempt religiously affiliated organizations from human rights laws. ∎ Franklin Graham packs up his tents in Central Park. ∎ A COVID-19 patient-led group mode

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In the news with Ann and Andy (taped 5-27-20):

∎ Gay USA guest co-host and bird watcher Chris Cooper tries to get a woman in Central Park to put her dog on a leash and she calls the cops on him, saying an African American man was threatening her. Chris is OK but it did not end well for her.


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