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Raising The Bar: Protestor's Rights

On this week's edition of #RaisingTheBar, The Manhattan Black Bar Association's Jason Clark and Adeola Adejobi sit down with Neighborhood Defender Service's Javionte Johnson and President of The Urban Agenda Group, Jamal Wilkerson to discuss the importance of #protests and the #rights of Americans who decide to assemble for a cause.

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Let's Look at the 2021 Primary Mayoral Race

June 24, 2020

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Raising the Mini Bar: COVID19 Scams

June 24, 2020


Wedding  or major event cancelled by Coronavirus? Our Raising the Bar team talks "force majeure" an option if you in a contract dispute after your event plans were cancelled due to the #coronavirus? Join The Manhattan Black Bar Association's Jason Clark and Adeola Adejobi for a special mini...

NYC Fireworks: Big Problems & Majestic Pomp

June 23, 2020

As complaints skyrocket, NYPD, FDNY Fire Marshals and Sheriff's Office take action to disrupt the use of illegal bothersome #fireworks, as NYC plans for a long citywide 4th of July celebration. Find out where you can see the rockets red glare!