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There is no better place to find out all you need to know about NYC elections then on MNN. We cover ALL OF THE CANDIDATES in ALL OF THE RACES, not just the frontrunners. At MNN we believe that democracy is best served by introducing you to all of the candidates and what they stand for. MNN’s comprehensive election programming initiative has two components. 

Decision NYC With Ben Max gives all candidates for city wide office, including Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate, and all candidates running for Manhattan Borough President and Manhattan District Attorney, the chance to sit down for a one-on-one interview with Gotham Gazette’s executive editor. Here they discuss their backgrounds, their positions on the issues and make their best case for why they should get your vote.

Represent NYC Election Coverage introduces Manhattanites to all of the candidates running for Manhattan City Council positions. You can learn about the Council Districts, hear from the candidates themselves and watch them debate! 

Each facet of this program provides voters with the information they need to make the most informed choices come election day. The Council District Profiles are five-minute mini-documentaries introducing voters to their Council Districts and featuring interviews with Community Board members, business owners and residents of the district, talking about the needs of their community and what they would like from their representatives on the City Council. The second component are two-minute candidate statements that MNN has produced with each registered candidate for City Council in Manhattan. And finally, we’ve produced a City Council Debate in all ten Manhattan Council Districts so voters can see how candidates respond to tough questions under fire.  

It has never been more important for voters to play a role in the election process. MNN provides you with The Most Comprehensive Election Programming so that you can arrive at an informed decision about who to vote for on election day.

This year, Primary elections are on June 22 and the General Election is on November 2. It’s the first time that New York will use Ranked Choice Voting.  Learn all about that here. 

Just Vote! 

Decision NYC airs on Fridays at 3PM and 8PM  on MNN 1 and MNN 5 (Spectrum 34 and 1993 HD, FiOS 33) 

Represent NYC Election Coverage airs on Sunday at 9PM and Fridays at 6PM on MNN 1 and MNN 5  (Spectrum 34 and 1993 HD, FiOS 33)