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Elena Engel

Elena Engel, documentary director on her approach to collaborating with John Leguizamo while creating the film John Leguizamo Live At Rikers: A Soul Exchange

John  Leguizamo visits Rikers Island Correctional Facility to perform his one-man Broadway show “Ghetto Klown” for an audience of over 400 inmates.

Following his performance, Leguizamo holds group discussions with justice-involved young men awaiting trial or sentencing. By sharing his personal journey of adversity and self-awareness, he inspires his audience to reflect openly and honestly about their own lives.

This short documentary interweaves excerpts from Leguizamo’s performance and those discussions bringing attention to the serious challenges and human side of incarceration. 

Premiered 2/3/23



Sian-Pierre Regis

Sian-Pierre Regis, documentary filmmaker about the production of his film Duty Free. 

The film explores the economic crisis for an aging population, ageism and the care crisis, but it is also a deeply personal story that examines the bond between son and mother.

Premiered 1/20/23 





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