Understanding gentrification can be difficult when you are a teenager/young adult and you likely live rent free. As you’ve walked the streets of the Big Apple, you have probably seen all the vacant storefronts and some of your favorite local shops have probably closed down. These are visible signs of a mass change but you may not have known this is gentrification.

In New York City, over 12% of neighborhoods have gone or are undergoing the process of gentrification–a process of destroying older neighborhoods and rebuilding new ones to meet the standards of the middle class, while displacing the former residents of the old community. People and advocates have gone to the streets to protest this from happening in their neighborhoods. No one wants to lose their homes or businesses, but what can they and you do to help prevent this? Join the Youth Channel for “The Underdeveloped Culture” to learn more gentrification and the impact it has had in New York City.

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