Picture of Community Cop

NYPD Detective Ozzie Thompson began producing Community Cop at MNN in 2004. The goal of Detective Thompson’s show was to break down the barriers that existed between police and community. Thompson’s philosophy was “If you want to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement then you must open up the lines of communication to establish a forum that will enable both parties to engage in a healthy and safe dialogue.” Community Cop, produced live at MNN, became a place where the Manhattan community could call in to the studio to ask questions, stay informed, and learn about policing in their neighborhoods.  

After 16 years Community Cop is still on the air in Manhattan and can also be seen in Brooklyn on BRIC and in the Bronx on BRONXNET. Today the program is hosted by like minded partners of Detective Thompson, the co-founders of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, retired NYPD officers Noel Leader, Michael Greys, Julian Harper, and Community activist & NYC Chaplin for the Department of Corrections Father Lawrence Lucas. 

100 Blacks in Law Enforcement was created in 1995 to address relations between the NYPD  and the African American community. 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement  is an advocacy group for black police officers, and often speaks out against police misconduct and racial profiling. 

Community Cop is what media justice is all about!

Watch Community Cop live every Tuesday at 5PM on MNN 1 and 5 - Spectrum 34/ 1993(HD), FiOS 33 and RCN 83.