In recent years there has been a push for the end of mass incarceration, but in order to keep money coming in private prisons have increased the number of inmates under mass supervision. What is mass supervision? Once a person is released from jail or prison, they are put under probation, parole, or extended supervision. These people are not necessarily in a jail or prison, but remain under the control of the corrections system. While under supervision former prisoners are denied basic rights like due process and can be reincarcerated without a trial. Currently, there are about 5 million people under supervision–that’s more than L.A.’s population.

Both Sides of the Bar’s Ronald F. Day, Vice President of Programs at The Fortune Society hosts this conversation with Tanya Pierce, Co-Founder and President of Life Unbolted, Inc.; and Vincent Schiraldi, Senior Research Scientist at the Columbia School of Social Work and co-Director of the Columbia Justice Lab on Mass Supervision.