“The New Jim Crow,” and documentaries like Netflix’s “13th,” discuss the corrupt criminal justice system hoping to effect change. The U.S. prison system currently monitors over 4 and a half million people on probation and parole. One mistake while on supervision can land you behind bars without due process. In the U.S. our prison population is noticeably higher than other 1st world countries. We know the facts, but change has not happened–until now. Advocates like New York State Senator Brian Benjamin introduced the Less Is More bill at the beginning of this year in hopes to fix the correctional system.

Represent NYC guest-host, New York State Senator Brian A. Benjamin, is joined by Tara Cobbins and Cedric Fulton of the Katal Center, and Tyler Nims, Executive Director of A More Just NYC to discuss parole issues and the Less Is More bill.

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