In 1963 during Jim Crow, laws that enforced segregation and discrimination, in the United States President John F. Kennedy met with Republican leaders to discuss the Civil Rights Act. This bill would later be signed into law by his successor Lyndon B. Johnson–a law that would have a major social and political impact. But, as generations change so do their identities, and the law is not able to keep up with newer lifestyles.

Over 50 years later, people of the United States have found themselves in a predicament. Like many other policies, loopholes have allowed legal discrimination against certain minority groups. Just last month, the Trump administration’s Department of Justice asked the Supreme Court to set a legal precedent that would enable employers to fire employees because they are transgender. Should it be legal to lay off a worker because of their identity? Join Gay USA hosts Andy Humm and Ann Northrop as they discuss the Equality Act, and much more.

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