59th Street Studios

At Manhattan Neighborhood Network's 59th St. Studios, we offer a robust media education program, as well as state-of-the-art facilities and equipment including open, closed and all-in-one "Express" studios; access to field equipment packages; and a suite of editing bays for use by our certified producers. We frequently host events where producers can network with other certified producers or enhance their media production skills. 

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Welcome to our very first installment of "YC Spotlight," a new weekly blog series dedicated to highlighting the innovative, dynamic media produced by talented young people at MNN's Youth Channel. Our first featured video offers an authentic flavor from NYC's summer scene: the popular Park Jams held by...
Curious about all the buzz surrounding " Represent NYC ," MNN's new weekly show about the policy and the issues affecting Manhattan? We're four episodes in, and the reception has been exciting. So far, we've covered the 2014 East Harlem gas...
Did you know that most employers in New York City are now required by law to provide as many as five paid sick days per year to their employees? And that these rules likely apply to you, even if you’re a part-time or temporary worker? Get details on this life-changing new legislation—the "Paid Sick Leave" law...
These days, it's easier than ever to distribute your work to audiences near and far. That means it's also easier than ever for someone to steal it, change it or call it their own. Join us at the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center on Wednesday, August 20th at 6:30 pm for a FREE talk by Firehouse Producer Nadia Munoz on how...
Mayor Bill de Blasio callied for NY State regulators to impose tough conditions on the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable mega merger, saying that the $45 billion deal must include “meaningful and stable support” for Public, Educational and Government (PEG...


59th St Hours

Main Administration Office
Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm

Media drop off 
Monday - Friday: 12pm-8pm 
Saturday: 10am-4pm

Monday - Friday: 12pm-8pm

Field Pickup and Return 
Monday - Friday: 12pm-8pm

Edit suites 
Monday - Friday: 12pm-12am 
Saturday 11am-8pm

Monday - Friday: 12pm-12am
Saturday: 11am-8pm

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