Are you creating media that you’d like aired on our channels and streamed live on our website?

Anyone can submit a show to MNN at any time by following the directions below and adhering to our technical requirements.

Sponsors (that means you) are able to submit three types of shows:


A Single show is a pre-produced broadcast that appears only once on MNN. We generally air Single shows within one week of application. A Single show can be 28-minutes or 58-minutes long. If your Single is longer or shorter than the required lengths please contact MNN's programming department at


A Series is a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly program. We generally schedule new Series shows within two weeks of application. Every episode must be either 28-minutes or 58-minutes long. 

Note: You must have the first episode of your show completed to apply for a new Series show. 

Short Form

A Short-Form program is a program whose duration is between three and seven minutes. Short-Form programs will be treated as a type of “Special” by the MNN Programming Department and not as a Series. Short-Form programs will air in their entirety in Short-Form time slot blocks and at other times to be determined by the MNN Programming Department. MNN’s programming department will inform you of when your Short will air one week before it airs on MNN.


Submit your show


Request a Timeslot

Indicate whether you would like to schedule a Single, Series or a Short on the Timeslot Request Form.

Submit a Timeslot Request Form 


Upload Your Media


Promote Your Show

Be sure to promote your show and let your community know the time, date and channel. Or promote the online streams. You can Live Chat with your viewers on MNN's streams

promote your show


Tune in to your show!

Remember that all of our shows stream live online.

Check our online schedule 

Submitting a show checklist

Time Slot Request Form

Use this form to apply for a single timeslot or a daily, weekly, bi-monthly (every other week), or monthly series. Submitting this form also includes agreeing to our Program Agreement Terms.

Uploading a Show

MNN only accepts digital uploads from our Community Producers. Please be sure to read the information on this page to ensure that your uploaded file meets our technical requirements.

Program Agreement

Everyone who airs a program on one of MNN's five public access channels must have an updated Program Agreement on file. Please take a minute to update your Program Agreement today!