Set yourself up for success. Check out the following resources to make sure you’ve prepared for every aspect of your shoot. 

Developing a Production Plan
1.08 MB | Download
A Media Production Development Guide
Field Production Plan
212.03 KB | Download
Field Video Production Plan: type of camera/microphones, additional equipment, locations, subjects, topics/questions, list of b-roll, crew support list, and field/mobile production checklist (equipment, camera/tripod operation), sound, lighting, and legal.
Television Appearance Tip Sheet
140.17 KB | Download
Do's and don'ts for television appearances.
Studio Production Plan
227.69 KB | Download
Studio lists for 59th St and Firehouse, Project information, Producer information, Crew information and Equipment information
Floor Plan Firehouse
178.3 KB | Download
Firehouse studio floor plans with checklist on equipment/design.
Production Schedule
119.04 KB | Download
Production schedule: time, production activity + details (template)
Shot Logging Template
122.6 KB | Download
Digital Clip Logging Sheet: clip name (#), clip description, timecode in, timecode out, notes
General Release Form
55.25 KB | Download
***This sample release is one example of the many different types of releases that exist and is provided here by MNN solely for educational purposes. Releases may vary based upon the unique nature of each production and your production needs may not be properly addressed in this example. Please be sure to seek appropriate legal advice as needed to develop the release best suited to your production.***

This Week on MNN

September 28, 2023

Esta semana en MNN continuamos nuestra celebración del Mes de la Herencia Hispana

This Week on MNN we continue our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

This Week On MNN

September 14, 2023

Esta Semana en MNN reconocemos el Mes de la Herencia Hispana


This Week on MNN We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

B-Roll 101: Practical & Effective Tips

September 8, 2023

Learn all about b-roll and how you can find it, shoot it, and use it to add depth and interest to both scripted and documentary video projects.