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Coordinating a video production involves a lot of moving parts. From booking equipment to managing cast and crew members, producers guide the production from start to finish. To manage the production, producers need to be highly organized and efficient.

This week at MNN, learn how to develop a production plan that utilizes MNN's state-of-the-art studios and equipment and book crew members via the CrewConnect portal.

To see work from a few of our most accomplished producers, tune in this week for Lese Dunton and GingerNewYork.

Lese Dunton

Tuesday, August 20, 2019 | Air Time: 5:30 PM

In Lese Dunton's second episode, you'll hear advice from three 8-year-olds in Greenwich Village. Then, we'll venture up to Central Park to learn why 6-year-old Analise loves New York. After that, it's over to Riverside Park to hear 10-year-old Lily describe the freedom of bike riding.

Watch on MNN4 (Spectrum 1998), or stream live on the Livestream. Produced by Lese Dunton.


Friday, August 23, 2019 | Air Time: 2:00 PM

Phil Gries and former grade school students reunite to discuss the making of the feature-length documentary film Harlem School 1970 on this week's episode of GingerNewYork.

Watch on MNN 1 (Spectrum 1995), or stream live on the Livestream.  Produced by Ginger Broderick. You can follow the show on Twitter.

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