Datwan Cullins looking into screens with reflection of themselves

Three years ago Datwan Cullins and a group of friends began creating videos centered around the disabled community in NYC. Their group is called Love and Intimacy for the Disabled, or L.A.I.D. Network. They first started shooting their show with their own equipment in an office space in Brooklyn, and Datwan is self-taught and learned most everything by watching YouTube tutorials. Recently, the group discovered MNN, where they have access to low-cost media education, professional video production equipment and television studios. 

The two television shows they produce are Men on the Move and Chicks in Chairs. These shows cover topics such as the challenges of living in New York with a disability, dating, and they feature guest interviews and document disability-related events. Datwan is the camera operator, director and editor for these projects. He also creates original music for their television productions. 

In this video, Datwan discusses his passion for producing content using MNN’s resources.

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