Faustino holding camera

“Since a kid, my passion has always been doing video productions, and thanks to MNN, I realized this dream.” 

-Faustino Mota, MNN Certified Producer

Faustino Mota stumbled upon MNN in 1994 as he was handed a flyer while passing MNN’s 59th Street Studio. When Faustino entered MNN he was amazed by all the media production opportunities that he was offered. After completing  production classes, he started producing his first show.

Faustino created a family TV show called An Experience For The Whole Family and after producing several episodes, he was able to create his own production company called “Motavision”.

Currently, Faustino is producing an entertainment show at MNN called Music and Fashion that airs on MNN 5 on Saturdays at 4:30pm. Faustino covers New York Fashion Week and events where he films designers from all over the world. Faustino is known for helping other producers at MNN on their productions. He said he loves helping them and encourages them to take advantage of all the resources that MNN offers.

“I would advise anyone wanting to learn TV Production to take his opportunity. It’s worth it, you will learn and MNN staff members will work with you and explain things with ease”. 

Manhattan Neighborhood Network offers an array of classes, workshops and events. Visit www.mnn.org/education to learn how you can be involved.