Students working with Adobe Premiere in the Firehouse classroom.

Spring is showing its arrival and Media Education at MNN has Bootcamps, Courses and Workshops to spring your education forward! 

On Saturdays, join us for our Intensives. Starting on March 5th we have Audio Sweetening with Adobe Premiere. Learn how to improve the audio on all your projects in one of the leading video editing and post production tools, Adobe Premiere Pro CC. On March 12th, join us for Introduction to Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve. Want to learn video editing, but don’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee? Perhaps you’re already a video editor who would like to add DaVinci Resolve to the tools in your toolbox. Our six hour intensive on Resolve is a great introduction to get you started. Join us March 19th for Motion Graphics (Adobe Premiere CC). In this intensive you’ll learn how to design and animate motion graphics for film and television using Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC.

We also have multi-session Professional Courses coming up this month to help you build on your production and post production skills. From March 22nd to the 31st join us for our four session Introduction to Fusion (DaVinci Resolve) class. A great next step for anyone who has already taken our Introduction to Video Editing with DaVinci intensive, this class covers DaVinci’s motion graphics and visual effects capabilities. This Fusion class introduces students to this powerful creative tool that’s built into the free DaVinci Resolve editing application. 

If you are looking to delve into color correction and color grading, then Introduction to Color with DaVinci Resolve for 4 sessions from March 23rd to April 1st is a good starting point. This online course on the color correction tools in DaVinci Resolve can be taken from the comfort of your own home using your own computer running DaVinci Resolve. 

We also have free workshops coming up this month including Essential Resources for Video Editors on March 11th. This workshop will help prepare new video editors with the tools they need to succeed. Our TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts: Inside Mini-Movies free workshop on March 25th is designed to help you explore the super short format that’s popular on social media and how you can plan, shoot, and promote that content across multiple platforms.

You can always learn about the new courses we’re offering by visiting Media Education at We have classes open through the end of April. We look forward to seeing you in class!