Leon Taylor

Leon Taylor, Manager of Production and Facilitation at Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), will be honored with the prestigious Jewell Ryan-White Award for Cultural Diversity by the Alliance for Community Media. This esteemed recognition acknowledges Leon's outstanding contributions in fostering inclusivity and amplifying diverse voices within the community media landscape.

Leon Taylor, who brings over two decades of experience in community media, has made a lasting impact on the field. From his early years at BCAT/BRIC, Brooklyn's public access television station, to his current role at MNN, Leon's dedication to supporting community media makers and ensuring their voices are heard has been unparalleled.

"I am honored to receive the Jewell Ryan-White Award. Being a part of the community media landscape has been an incredible journey for me," shared Leon. "The best part is when individuals have the chance to represent themselves. That's when diversity naturally happens, and it's truly amazing to witness. Seeing the unique stories and perspectives that emerge from our communities is what makes this work so meaningful and inspiring. I'm grateful to be a part of this inclusive and vibrant tapestry of voices."

"For over 20 years, first at BCAT/BRIC and now at MNN, Leon’s devotion to serving our community of media makers has been an inspiration, and his commitment to providing exceptional media services remains unmatched," said Greg Sutton, Managing Director of Access Services at MNN.

In his current role as the Manager of Production and Facilitation at MNN, Leon continues to shape the community media landscape by providing essential support to community media makers. By overseeing production staff and scheduling production spaces, he enables individuals to successfully create and share their stories, fostering an environment that celebrates diversity and cultural representation.

The Jewell Ryan-White Award for Cultural Diversity recognizes Leon Taylor's exceptional dedication, expertise, and unwavering support in empowering community voices. Congratulations to Leon Taylor on this well-deserved honor!