Last week, we lost George Stoney, the "father of public access," but he lives on through his work - a series of documentaries impressive in both quality and quantity. MNN has been airing some of these, films like "Booked for Safekeeping," a black and white account of police and their dealings with the mentally ill, and " All My Babies ," about African American midwives in Georgia.
Join MNN Sunday, July 15 at 8pm on MNN1 to pay tribute to George C. Stoney, Father of Public Access and pioneer in documentary film making. Tune in all night and watch some of Stoney's work including , "Proud Years", "The City," "Paulo Freire at Highlander: A Conversation with Myles Horton," "Booked for Safe keeping," "Invader" and "Still Going Places" MNN will be honoring George Stoney with more ground breaking documantaries and interviews. Keep checking back with us for times and channels.
Pioneering documentary filmmaker, Pubic Access TV champion and Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) Board member George Stoney passed away July 12 at his home in Greenwich Village. “As a filmmaker and documentarian, George Stoney was truly a pioneer of the fine art and craft of revealing truth through cinematic and electronic media,” said Dr. Norris Chumley, the Chair of the MNN Board. "The entire MNN community mourns his passing and sends our deepest condolences to his family."
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