There’s a new talk show on MNN—it covers serious but all too common issues like homelessness, kidnapping and domestic abuse, and it’s getting people talking all over the world.
Half-baked? Wholly sober? Entertaining some friends tonight? Just plain bored? You need I've Got Munchies , NYC’s “HIGH”larious (their word, we swear!) cooking and comedy show featuring late-night snack worthy recipes, unruly sketches, puppets, animation and more. Next episode airs tonight at 11 on MNN4!
Welcome to Clip of the Week, MNN’s new blog series in which we’ll showcase interesting, funny, tragic, or in some other way remarkable clips from MNN programs and student projects. First up, we present you with a new video from Gotta Run With Will, a show in which host Will Sanchez explores running’s ability to change lives for the better.
Hurricane Sandy's no joke. But that's not to say New Yorkers have lost their taste for a good laugh. Especially on election night. TV-party animal Chris Gethard—improv master, teacher at Upright Citizens Brigade, and host of MNN’s The Chris Gethard Show—can deliver just that when he hosts a special marathon edition on MNN November 6, making history with the network’s longest-ever continuous broadcast. Here’s his take on arbitrary records, the creative process, and his dream candidate, Leslie Knope. What’s your take on the presidential race so far?
To Amy Goodman—award-winning journalist, longtime proponent of independent media and host of MNN’s flagship program, Democracy Now!, it's abominable that, in the course of three lengthy debates, presidential nominees Barack Obama and Mitt Romney failed to utter the phrase "climate change" even once.
New Yorkers too busy grappling with the mess that is Hurricane Sandy can spend election night—November 6—with home grown talent on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN). MNN will offer unique election coverage and real dialogue in two very different packages: journalist Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! and improv comic Chris Gethard’s The Chris Gethard Show. Known for her serious indie-reporter chops, Amy Goodman, alongside co-host