Have an idea.

Every great project starts with a great idea. MNN is all about what you have to say, so find your voice & share your story.


Decide on a format

We have three kinds of shows on MNN: 

Single: A "Single" is a pre-produced broadcast that appears only once on MNN. We generally air Singles within one week of submission. A Single can be 28-minutes or 58-minutes long. 

Series: A Series is a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly program. We generally schedule new Series shows within two weeks of submission. Every episode must be either 28-minutes or 58-minutes long. (Note: You must have the first episode of your show completed to apply for a new Series.)

Short-form: A "Short" is between three and seven minutes. Shorts will air in their entirety with other Shorts in blocks at specific times to be determined. MNN’s programming department will inform you of when your Short will air one week before it airs on MNN.


Make your show!

Now comes the fun part: making your show. 

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Be sure to check our technical requirements to make sure you're on track from the start. 


Register your show & request a time slot

Once you're happy with your finished project, simply fill out this form to register your show and request a time slot. 


Promote your show!

Spread the word! Check out our guide to building your audience.