RyanReporting host Ryan J. Wolowski and his mom Teresa love to travel together and share their adventures with MNN viewers. In this episode, the entire family joins in on the fun. Find out what pumpkin delights Ryan’s brothers and sisters enjoy, learn some interesting pumpkin facts, and take a tour of Ryan’s spooky apartment setup.               

1 PM Sunday / 7 PM Wednesday

Totally Cool has been airing on MNN for over 25 years. Producer Richard Redna has brought MNN viewers to some of the most exclusive fashion runways, after-parties and shows that NYC has to offer. In celebration of New York’s Village Halloween Parade, Richard has gifted us with footage of a Halloween Parade from the past. Follow him through the crowds of 2019’s Halloween Parade and check out all of the unique and creative costumes New Yorkers are known for.

1:30 PM Sunday / 7:30 PM Wednesday

The Ghouligans is a program that checks all the boxes. It’s funny, entertaining, and has a great cast. The show follows the adventures of Boris Stein, the monstrous Frankenstein, Wolfgang W. Wolfgang the likable werewolf, and Void King of the Slow Zombies. Joined by some of your favorite cult cretins including Vampires and Sea creatures this show is a year-round Halloween extravaganza!

2 PM Sunday / 8 PM Wednesday

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