Indigenous Peoples' Day

This national holiday is celebrated on the second Monday of October and honors Native American Peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures.   

Here and Now is a long running MNN Community produced program that informs viewers about social justice issues and more. On this episode Here and Now producers share The State of Working America Podcast where host Pedro da Costa talks with Patrice Kunesh, former Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis’ Center for Indian Country Development, about the specific challenges facing various Native American communities across the nation, and offers an eclectic range of policy options to solve the most egregious economic problems. 

Pathways to the Dream Lodge Cafe, hosted by Candece Tarpley, brings Native American culture to MNN viewers. This week Candece talks about native languages from the western hemisphere. Candece is joined by Two Feathers Neal, co-founder of the Cherokee Language and Cultural Circle,1996-2010 and Miryam Yataco, a Peruvian born language rights advocate and expert in intercultural bilingual education. 

A Better World, is a program that speaks about issues of our time and interviews guests who are making a better world for all. On this episode host Mitchel Rabin invites filmmaker Georgina Lightning to discuss her 2008 film Older Than America, a film that explores the lasting impact of the cultural genocide and loss of identity that occured at Native American boarding schools across the United States.

30 Frames a Second is a program that features community leaders, activists and local politicians. On this episode producer Nat Wood invites veteran Civil Rights activist and Pan-Africanist Colia L. Clark to discuss the indigenous people of Canada. Ms.Clark is joined by Kevin Annett, an author and former minister of the United Church of Canada. Mr. Annett’s books have exposed a history of abuse and atrocities among indigenous children in the church’s residential schools. 

Join us this  Sunday, October 9 at 1PM and Wednesday, October 12 at 7PM on MNN 5 (Spectrum 1993).