This Week on MNN: Book Lovers Day

National Book Lovers Day is a day for us to celebrate the joy of reading. Join MNN producers as they introduce us to books about culture, Star Trek, and much more. Watch it only on MNN. 

A Captain’s Log is a brand new show on MNN that is a  journalistic news source for everything Star Trek. The show guides viewers through the Star Trek universe with exclusive interviews and inside scoops. On this episode Ambassadors (hosts) Bryan and Lili talk with best-selling author Michael Jan Friedman who has authored more than 30 Star Trek books. Michael discusses his fans favorite books and more.

Fortune Society's Both Sides of the Bars examines the legal system from various perspectives including from the perspective of those most impacted by the criminal justice system. Fortune Society Associate VP Andre Ward and host of BSB is joined by Lauren Kessler and Sterling Cunio to talk about Kessler’s book ``Free: Two Years, Six Lives and the Long Journey Home.” In the book the author sets out to answer the question of what happens to 95% of Americans who eventually are released from prison. Join us for this important conversation. 

Latin Icons Past and Present is a Spanish language program that highlights latino artists from all walks of life. On this episode producer/host Carmen Llerena talks with Dr. Clara Roman Odios about her book Mujeres Espiritistas en Puerto Rico 1880- 1929. The book examines female spiritualists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the role they played in the transformation of Puerto Rico during the colonial period. This program is in Spanish. 

Latin Icons Past and Present es un programa en español que destaca a los artistas latinos de todos los ámbitos. En este episodio la productora/presentadora Carmen Llerena habla con la Dr. Clara Roman Odios sobre su libro Mujeres Espiritistas en Puerto Rico 1880- 1929. El libro examina a las mujeres espiritistas de finales del siglo XIX y principios del XX y el papel que desempeñaron en la transformación de Puerto Rico durante el período colonial. 

Watch Sunday, August 7 at 1PM and Wednesday, August 10 at 7 PM on MNN 5 (Spectrum 1993).