This Week on MNN: Creativity Unleashed

This Week on MNN our Community Producers bring you artists working with NFT's, virtual reality, drumming techniques, and much more. You don’t want to miss this amazing line up! 

The Society Network, also known as Extreme Art Television (EAT) highlights unknown and unique artists from around the world. Join us as host Summer Moran introduces us to Stephen Wiltshire, an autitstic architectural artist known for drawing detailed city landscapes from memory after seeing them only once. Also on this episode is 3D chalk artist Tracy Lee Stum, body paint illusionist Kika, and coffee artist Micheal Breach. This show will have you glued to your seat. 

Minding Your Business hosted and produced by June Middleton, Esq. is a program aimed to show you what it takes to be an entrepreneur in business and music. On this episode music entrepreneur and creator of the third hand drumming technique Enildo Rasua performs with his very talented band and talks about his illustrious career. 

Corinne’s Picks is a program dedicated to the celebration of remarkable artists. This week Corinne invites digital artist Jeanette Madden to discuss her experience as a non-fungible token (NFT) artist. Jeanette’s art has flourished in the NFT market and she shares her insights about the process only on MNN. 

Conversations with Artists is a weekly program that discusses the state of the art world today and how artists develop their process. This week’s conversation is centered around art interventions against violence. The panel includes multi-media artist Brandy Bajalia, interdisciplinary artist Williamson Brasfield, artist Mildred Beltre, mechanical sculpture artist Arnaldo Morales, and Nicaraguan artist Alejandro de la Guerra.

Join us Sunday, January 23 at 1:00PM and again on Wednesday, January 26 at 7:00PM on MNN 5 HD (Spectrum 1993).