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Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in the United States since 1949. Every year during May, this campaign shines a light on the national movement to raise awareness about mental health. The initiative also strives to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness, making it easier for people to seek help. Join us This Week on MNN as our Community Producers speak openly about mental health. 

Sunday, May 26 starting at 1 PM and Wednesday, May 29 starting at 7 PM on MNN HD (Spectrum 1993)

CMS & You is a program dedicated to providing updates and information from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare. In this episode CDR Jerry Zee and CDR Tunesia Mitchell discuss how the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare services are making a national impact in the field of mental health through initiatives like SAMHSA and

Sunday 1 PM / Wednesday 7 PM 6

CMS & You airs on the First Sunday of every Month on MNN Community

Just Love Live, produced by Catholic Charities NYC, tackles critical issues that impact everyday New Yorkers, including mental health, housing, food, transportation and public safety.  In this episode, host Sandra Haywood talks to Monica Sanchez and Jonah Gensler from LSA Family Health Service to discuss their efforts in supporting mothers in need in East Harlem. 

Sunday 1:30 PM / Wednesday 7:30 PM

Just Love Live airs on the second Sunday of every month at 7PM on MNN Spirit

Public Health America hosted by Dr. William Latimar is a weekly program produced by Bronxnet in partnership with Mercy College. Public Health America speaks with experts from an array of specialties across the liberal arts and health professions. In this episode Dr. Latimar speaks with Dr. Janelle Goodwill. Dr. Goodwill is an assistant Professor at the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration. She explores topics of mental health, race and gender with a focus on suicide and depression within Black Americans. Join us for this important discussion. 

Sunday 1PM / Wednesday 7PM 

Public Health America airs on MNN’s Bronx Hour programming block Wednesdays at 1PM on MNN HD