This Week

Valentine's Day, often hailed as a celebration of love and affection, means different things to different people. Join MNN Community Members This Week on MNN as they embark on a journey to unravel the diverse interpretations of what this special day signifies to them.

Sunday, February 11 starting at 1 PM and Wednesday, February 14 starting at 7 PM on MNN HD (Spectrum 1993)

The Mss Francois Show and its entertaining twists explores the diverse emotions of relationships at different stages. Join Mss Francois and relationship expert Eric Wooten of Altered Marriage as they navigate the complexities of marriage while offering insightful perspectives and lighthearted conversations. 

Sunday 1 PM / Wednesday 7 PM 

The Mss Francois Show airs on the last Thursday of every Month at 4PM on MNN HD 

RyanReporting hosted by Ryan J. Wolowski presents a nostalgic episode featuring interviews with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Join us as they share their most memorable Valentine's experiences and delve into the profound meaning of love.

Sunday 1:30 PM / Wednesday 7:30 PM

Ryan Reporting airs every Monday at 10 PM on MNN Culture 

Checkerboard Kids, a long-running show on MNN, showcases a variety of intriguing individuals and music. In this episode, MNN Community Member Phil Esquire adds a unique twist to the concept of Valentine's Day. Join Phil and his special guest Suzanne as they explore the origins of Valentine and uncover less obvious movies associated with this special day.

Sunday 2 PM / Wednesday 8 PM 

Checkerboard Kids airs every Wednesday at 12 AM on MNN 1