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In 1992 the city of Berkeley California embraced Indigenous Peoples’ Day as a protest to the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival. Recognized on the second Monday of October,  the holiday celebrates and honors indigenous American peoples and commemorates their histories and culture. Join us This Week on MNN as we learn about Native American tribes, their culture, traditions and history.   

Sunday, October 8  starting at 1 PM and Wednesday, October 11 starting at 7 PM on MNN HD (Spectrum 1993).

A Better World, is a program that speaks about issues of our time and interviews guests who are making a better world for all. On this episode host Mitchel Rabin invites filmmaker Georgina Lightning to discuss her 2008 film Older Than America, a film that explores the lasting impact of the human rights violations, cultural genocide and loss of identity that occurred at Native American boarding schools across the United States.

Sunday 1PM / Wednesday 7PM

A Better World airs every Monday at 7PM on MNN Spirit 

Strata: Portraits of Humanity is a monthly half-hour news magazine style television show that delivers in-depth coverage of a wide variety of archaeological and cultural heritage topics. In this edition, we have the opportunity to see a short film about the Squamish Nation, who have been making and racing dugout canoes for countless generations.

Sunday 1:30PM / Wednesday 7:30PM

Strata: Portraits of Humanity airs the second Wednesday of every month on MNN Lifestyle at 7:30PM

Pathways to the Dream Lodge Cafe, hosted by Candece Tarpley, brings Native American culture to MNN viewers. This week Candece talks about native languages from the western hemisphere. Candece is joined by Two Feathers Neal, co-founder of the Cherokee Language and Cultural Circle,1996-2010 and Miryam Yataco, a Peruvian born language rights advocate and expert in intercultural bilingual education. This intriguing conversation can be seen only on MNN. 

Sunday 2PM / Wednesday 8PM

Pathways to the Dream Lodge Cafe every other Friday at 8:30PM on MNN Culture