This Week on MNN: Mentoring

Join MNN Community Producers as they talk with mentors who provide wisdom and guidance to those they work with. 

Active Aging Stories introduces viewers to senior citizens living active, creative and challenging lives. In this episode we take a look at an unconventional pairing, young teachers and older students. This young group of mentors are part of a project that puts together young people with folks living in a senior residence. The goal is to bridge the digital divide by having the younger generation teach computer skills to a generation of people that the digital revolution has largely left behind. Join us for a look into this very special project. 

Sunday 1PM / Wednesday 7PM 


Empowering Women Everywhere introduces viewers to the work and services of local community organizations. Join host Nann Gil and her guest Representative Latyna Humphrey. Conducted before Rep. Humphrey was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives and while she was the president of Central Ohio’s Young Black Democrats, this inspiring interview highlights Humphrey’s work as an entrepreneur and community organizer. Watch this intriguing discussion only on MNN.  

Sunday 1:30 PM / Wednesday 7:30 PM


In this special webinar author Kathleen Courtenay Stone delivers a presentation of her book, They Called Us Girls: Stories of Female Ambition from Suffrage to Mad Men. Kathleen will introduce viewers to seven unconventional women. In insightful, personalized portraits that span a half-century, Kathleen weaves stories of female ambition, uncovering the families, teachers, mentors, and historical events that led to unexpected paths. What inspired these women, and what can they teach women and girls today?

Sunday 2:00 PM / Wednesday 8:00 PM


This edition of This Week on MNN airs Sunday, January 29 at 1PM and Wednesday, February 1 at 7PM on MNN HD (Spectrum 1993).