This Week on MNN: Dignity, Freedom and Justice

December 10 was chosen to honor the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Join our Community Producers as they discuss fundamental Human Rights like education, dignity, justice and freedom. 


Equity and Equality is a show brought to us by Howard County Government Access TV. In this episode we meet Dr. Denise Boston, Equity & Restorative Practices Manager in the Office of Human Rights & Equity. Dr Boston presents the differences between equity and equality and how we need both to make a difference.

1PM Sunday / 7PM Wednesday 


Today's Verdict host David Lesch invites Jennifer Pringle, Director of the Children Learners in Temporary Housing Project. An organization that advocates for homeless children in shelters who are not getting the education they deserve. Also on this episode is State Senator Luis Sepulveda to discuss the issue of drug addiction inside our prisons and the work being done to address those concerns. In addition Assemblymember Alicia Hyndman discusses the importance of reforming the youthful offender status. Join us for this important conversation. 

2PM Sunday / 8PM Wednesday 


La Verdad Internacional / El ADN de la Noticias es un programa de televisión en español que cubre la actualidad más allá de los titulares. En este episodio titulado "Hijas e Hijos de Perpetradores de Derechos Humanos", nuestro presentador Pocho Salcedo invita a Analia Kalinec cofundadora de Historia Desobedientes Buenos Aires, Argentina e hija de Eduardo Kalinic, un ex policía que fue detenido por actos de genocidio en Argentina. Hablan de las violaciones de derechos humanos que se produjeron en Argentina entre finales de los 70 y los 80 y de la decisión de muchos hijos e hijas de la época de abandonar sus apellidos en protesta por las atrocidades. Esta entrevista se realiza en español. 

La Verdad Internacional / El ADN de la Noticias is a Spanish language TV show that covers current affairs beyond the headlines. In this episode titled “Daughters and Sons of Perpetrators of Human Rights”, our host Pocho Salcedo invites Analia Kalinec co-founder of Historia Desobedientes Buenos Aires, Argentina and daughter of Eduardo Kalinic, a former police officer who was arrested for acts of genocide in Argentina. They discuss the human rights violations that occurred in Argentina between the late 70’s and 80’s and the decision of many sons and daughters of that time to drop their family names in protest of the atrocities. This interview is conducted in spanish.

2:30 PM Sunday / 8:30 PM Wednesday 


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