Photo of a wide curved screen with Adobe Premiere Pro open to a video editing project

Adobe Premiere Pro is an expansive video editing program that's regularly updated with new or modified features every year, which can make it difficult for content creators who are looking to improve their media making skills to keep up. Fortunately, our fellow content creators have been sharing their own experiences through tutorials. 

Finding the right tutorials can be a bit overwhelming. 

To help, we've found 6 of our favorites. 

  1. Let's start with a professional in the industry sharing their knowledge in navigating Adobe Premiere Pro. Parker Walbeck has a helpful in depth video tutorial titled 8 Steps to Edit a Video in Premiere Pro.
  2. Maybe you've been editing for awhile and need something a bit more advanced. Aidin Robbins has a tutorial for streamlining your editing workflow in Premiere called: 11 SIMPLE Tricks for Better EDITING - Adobe Premiere Tutorial
  3. Maybe you want to increase your speed and efficiency. Another tutorial from Parker Walbeck, 10 Tips to Edit 10x Faster in Adobe Premiere Pro, might be just what you need to improve your workflow.
  4. Learning more about the types of cuts you can make while editing can be extremely valuable. Over on Shutterstock's YouTube they have a tutorial entitled 9 Cuts Every Video Editor Should Know, great for those of you just starting your video editing journey.
  5. If you're not already familiar with the popular three-point editing process in video editing, we recommend spending some time with Nathaniel Dodson's THE FASTEST Way to Edit Video (Three-Point Editing) with Premiere Pro on the Tutvid YouTube channel.
  6. Our last tutorial isn't exactly one tutorial. Sometimes one of the best places to go for sound guidance is the source. Adobe's YouTube channel has a very helpful "Learn from the Pros" playlist that can be particularly helpful for those just getting started.

To find more video tutorials check out this article from Creative Bloq. The world is your oyster, and the power of searches and keywords will take you far in your quest for knowledge.

Keep editing, and remember even in your mistakes, there are lessons to be learned that are going to help you become a better video editor.

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