I’ve Got Munchies: Takes A Bite Out Of A Final Goodbye

I've Got Munchies- Takes A Bite Out Of A Final Goodbye With S'mores In A Bowl


After 18 years on the air, “I’ve Got Munchies,” the groundbreaking show that mixed sketch comedy and cooking, has come to an end. Throughout her 178 episodes, including 8 live episodes, 696 sketches, and 176 recipes, host Mary Jane has made us laugh while presenting delicious and innovative recipes Monday nights on MNN. 

Mary Jane is ending the show the same way it began, with her recipe for “S’mores In A Bowl”. Watch her whip up this simple dish as she revisits some of her favorite sketches from past episodes.

We want to thank Mary Jane and her 78 cast and crew members for making MNN her home for these past 18 years and wish them all the best. Stay tuned to ivegotmunchies.com for information on what’s next for Mary Jane!