manhattan da

Although the office has been in existence for 220 years, the Manhattan DA seat has never been held by a woman. Watch the women running for Manhattan DA talk about how they plan to improve the office and work to create a truly just criminal justice system.  Watch Video. 

The election of a district attorney is often a once in a generation event, as they are not subject to term limits. While the current Manhattan DA has been in office for 11 years, his predecessor held the position for 34. The candidate who wins the race this June could be there for decades.

If you are arrested in New York City, the District Attorney can make all the difference. They decide whether or not you will be charged at all, whether you will have to pay bail in order to fight your case from home instead of from a jail cell, and largely determine whether you will be forced to serve time behind bars. District Attorneys also conduct investigations and are able to grant immunity.

When someone in Manhattan is accused of or found guilty of committing a crime, the new DA can decide if low-income and people of color are treated the same as the wealthy and well-connected, if survivors of sexual assault and harassment are believed and treated with dignity, and if people who cause harm are held accountable.  

Amplify Her Presents: Manhattan District Attorney Candidate Forum (February 25th 2021) - YouTube