Producing a Live Show with Zoom 2

Did you know that you can live stream your Zoom meetings to websites like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn? Plus, it's easier than you think. Here's our quick guide to enabling the live streaming feature on Zoom.

Step #1: Log in to your Zoom account. 

Step # 2: Select Settings in left-hand navigation panel. Select In Meeting (Advanced) and scroll down to find Allow Live Streaming Meetings.

Step #3: Click the toggle switch to Enable live streaming

Step #4: Four checkboxes will appear. Check the boxes for where you would like to Livestream to:

  • Uncheck Facebook and Workplace by Facebook unless you plan to use them so that your meeting interface stays less cluttered.
  • Setting up YouTube to work with Zoom for the first time requires you to go through the live streaming process immediately, without testing. Make sure you are ready to go live with a test meeting when using this option.
  • Check Custom Live Streaming Service to set up live streaming before your meeting using any service besides Workplace by Facebook or YouTube. A text box appears where you can enter any notes for hosts who will be live streaming your meeting. Otherwise, leave this box blank and click Save.
Producing a Live Show with Zoom 4

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