*Reposted from Gotham Gazette, Written by Ben Brachfeld*

With Bill de Blasio’s tenure coming to an end, one of his top aides is reflecting on the administration’s legacy, defining achievements of its eight years in power, and what she thinks people got wrong about his leadership.

Emma Wolfe, who has worked as de Blasio’s chief of staff for over a decade, dating to his time as Public Advocate, recently joined the “What’s The [Data] Point?” podcast from Gotham Gazette and Citizen Budget Commission to reflect on her eight years as a top aide to the city’s top dog, mistakes she and the mayor made, dealing with the state’s Executive Chamber under former Governor Andrew Cuomo, the incoming administration of Eric Adams, and more.

Over the years, Wolfe has largely operated behind the scenes, and she has a strong reputation among people inside and outside government, even those who are not fans of her boss. She is known as de Blasio’s top governmental and political advisor, fixer, and other titles — she’s someone the outgoing mayor has leaned on to help him get elected, to get legislation passed, and to figure out all sorts of thorny problems.

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