dog park

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, dog Parks are the latest public area to close because of COVID-19, along with other outdoor areas.  This comes after the Governor orders the shutdown of playgrounds and basketball courts to maintain social distancing, but parks remain open.

The Parks Department announced on Monday that all dog runs and dog parks throughout the city will be closed as part of the city's efforts to maintain social distancing in public spaces. This after Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that New York will be on PAUSE at least until April 29th and last week that all playgrounds in the city would be closed as part of the effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The city Parks Department said in a press release that while monitoring parks, they have observed overcrowding at 83 dog runs across the city.  

NYC parks will continue to remain open.

“We understand how important dog runs are to our furry, four-legged friends, but because of ongoing overcrowding, dog runs and dog parks will be closed starting tomorrow," said Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver. "Our parks remain open otherwise, and they are great places to get fresh air and exercise for New York City pups, but it is very important to keep them on their leashes according to park rules and to social distance.”   In addition, the Parks Department announced that they would also remove any remaining basketball rims and tennis nets from courts and playgrounds, and lock up all courts with a gate, including handball courts.

Service suspensions:

  • All recreation centers closed
  • All nature centers closed
  • All community gardens closed to general public
  • All permits suspended
  • All events cancelled through April 12
  • Most concessions closed
  • Solitary exercise only


An order from the Governor requires every New Yorker to stay at home from work, unless they are an essential worker. All non-essential businesses that are normally open to the public must remain closed. Bars and restaurants may provide takeout. All non-essential gatherings of any size for any reason are banned.

The police may issue fines to anyone they see in public not following these rules.  While dog runs are closed until further notice, parks remain open to dogs and pet owners to get fresh air and exercise; however, dogs must be kept on a leash according to park rules, and dog owners must keep social distance.