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Are you ready for a stellar spring?

We've updated our guide to promoting your show & building your audience.

Here are our top 5 tips:

  • Create a social media presence for your show. If you do NOTHING ELSE, do this! 
  • Create a streaming presence with a YouTube or Vimeo channel (or both!) There's no better way to promote your show than by showing your show!
  • Tell people! Old-fashioned word-of-mouth still works. Tell people you see or meet in person about your show and where they can see it.
  • Network. When we help each other, everyone wins. Find other MNN producers, YouTube or Vimeo users whose work you like, and connect with them. Leave them a comment, follow their account, subscribe to their channels, and share a link to your profile or one of your videos.
  • Add value: Post behind-the-scenes photos, short videos, Lives, and reels. Poll your followers. Ask them what they want to see.

See the rest of our list and more info here, and keep coming back for more!

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