The Youth Channel explores the complex issues of faith and religion in this week’s Youth Channel spotlight.

This Sunday on a special election edition of “Represent NYC,” Gotham Gazette Executive Editor Ben Max, Democratic Political Strategist L. Joy Williams and Republican Political Strategist Richard St. Paul discuss the foreign and domestic policies proposed by the 2016 presidential candidates.
Watch MNN this week, as we honor the Olympic competitors’ spirit and grit through our celebrated programming with shows like “The Woman’s Connection,” “The Facts,” “Gotta Run with Will,” and “GingerNewYork.”
Throughout the presidential campaign, U.S.-China relations have been a favored talking point for Donald Trump. Our Clip of the Week looks at the dynamic between nations from another perspective.
This Sunday, watch MNN programming for glimpse into the future of our borough and the nation at large.

This Sunday on “Represent NYC,” Manhattan Community Board 12 Chairman Shah Ally talks with board members Maria Luna and Priscilla Mota-Willis about the fears of the community and the future of their neighborhoods as they become more developed and less affordable.