“The Woman’s Connection” celebrates entrepreneurs, while “My Life with Tina Hill” gets festive with wine. “Videopoem” couples poetry and music; “The Facts” takes a fresh look at an old fairy tale; and “GingerNewYork” brings back acclaimed MC Malik Work. Activism is on the agenda with “Access for All,” “Makilala TV,” and “Gotta Run with Will.”
In light of this week’s executive order by Governor Cuomo to help homeless off the streets when temperatures dip below freezing, we look back to episode one of a 2013 12-part “Access for All” series on poverty in New York.
This Sunday, a new episode of The Radical Imagination discusses the possibility of police and criminal justice reform in NYC and beyond with long-time public policy advocate, Robert Gangi.
Watch our YC Spotlight to learn more about Mayor DiBlasio’s East Harlem “affordable housing”’ development plan, and recent protests against the initiative by the Movement for Justice in El Barrio.
“The Facts” examines the death of Maryann Measles through a lyrical lens, while “Gotta Run with Will,” features an adventuresome litigator who’s taken up running. And on “GingerNewYork,” a music producer-turned-cartoonist discusses his multi-faceted career.
With a lifelong career in personal development, Bonnie Bruderer brings together the people and tools you’ll need to create the life you love on “Ask Bon Bon.”