As NY schools increasingly resemble our jails, “Project Liberty” examines the School to Prison pipeline, as more students are being pushed out of NYC schools through suspensions, expulsions, or arrests, and making their way into the criminal justice system.
Bummed that the cold weather is back? Stay inside, keep warm and tune in to MNN on Sunday night for a great lineup! 7:00 pm: Represent NYC is new and features City Councilwoman Inez E. Dickens and a panel of guests discussing how Manhattan can improve its support of Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises. 8:00 pm: Firehouse TV...
SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 2015 EXCLUSIVE: MNN's "INSIDE NEW YORK" Interviews Richard Wesley, Award-winning Playwright and Screenwriter about his new play, "Autumn" and the state of Blacks in Hollywood. Richard Wesley, the award-winning playwright and screenwriter for film and television whose hits include "Uptown Saturday Night" and "Let's Do It Again"...
“The Journey of a Brown Girl,” an experimental theater movement developed by Jana Lynne Umipig, chronicles the Filipina experience and reflects the struggle of the oppressed across cultures.
MNN flaunts its multi-faceted programming this week with “The Facts,” “GingerNewYork,” and “The Woman’s Connection.” Three widely different shows-three powerful and compelling messages. Just another typical week on MNN.
“The Special without Brett Davis” lightens it up on MNN this week, as “TSWBD” breaks down the punk movement in a PowerPoint unlike any you’ve seen before. Get tips on how to “Punk your Company” (you know you want to), and how to find your inner punk.