Youth Channel program host Shamane George engages high school students Miranda Gauntlett and Kiara Joseph in an important dialogue exploring the intersection of youth, politics, and voting.
As the 2016 presidential election races to its frantic conclusion, what will a Trump presidency or a Clinton presidency mean for the people of New York? Find out this Sunday @ 7pm on a special election episode of "Represent NYC"!
We know you’re tired of the same old coverage, which is why we’re committed to bringing you something different this Election Day including the return of MNN alum Chris Gethard, progressive voices on MNN Elects and Democracy Now! plus special election programs from our community producers.
Watch a forum hosted by The Brookings Institution about how European cities are managing the influx of Syrian refugees and what the United States can learn from Europe's response.
With pre-election anxiety reaching its apex, this week’s programming is sure to help cure what ails many a tense MNN viewer, with programming from “The Women’s Connection,” “Gotta Run with Will,”“GingerNewYork,” and “Celebrity Catwalk.”
Watch “Carmen,” a mini-documentary that profiles Carmen Quinones, tenant advocate and former Democratic District Leader, as she attempts to convince non-voters of the importance and significance of voting.