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Stay in the Dark this March 29

News and Views By Linda Romano

Usually when a politician leaves you in the dark it doesn't end well for anyone. But for State Senator José M. Serrano, leaving NYC in the dark is not only good for the city, but for our entire planet.

Earlier this month, Senator Serrano was at the MNN El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center creating an appeal for New Yorkers to participate in Earth Hour. A global movement, Earth Hour asks people, cities, landmarks, and businesses to turn off non-essential lights for one hour as a display of their commitment to reduce their environmental impact. A small change? Yes. But, the "small things we do every day can make a better future."

Watch Senator Serrano's appeal, and participate in Earth Hour on March 29!

Catch Up on Manhattan Development and Policy This Sunday on MNN's Civic Programming!

Community Media, News and Views, Programming Highlights By Lee Walker Helland

Missed the latest Manhattan Borough Board meeting? Once a month, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer brings together the borough's community board chairs and district managers, along with key stakeholders, to talk about important issues - like land use, development and budget - and how to address them.

These meetings are worth a watch. Last fall, MNN launched Race2Represent, and initiative dedicated to covering local elections typically overlooked by the mainstream media. Now, we continue to offer information on the decisions those elected officials are making while in office.

Tune in to MNN's Civic Programming on Sunday, March 30th, at 9:00 pm to watch this month's Borough Board meeting and learn more about the issues and policies that affect your daily life. Watch on MNN1 (TWC 34, RCN 82, FiOS 33) or stream it live on

MNN Diaries: Vanessa Corwin

MNN Diaries, MNN El Barrio Firehouse, News and Views, Programming Highlights By Lee Walker Helland

We’re so psyched to bring you this edition of “MNN Diaries,” our popular web series that offers a look into the hearts and minds of the people creating the distinctive, important, community-driven programming you see on MNN. The beauty of “MNN Diaries” is in its simplicity: We ask MNN Community Producers the same five questions, and they write their answers, producing an essay that’s totally unique and representative of their experience in community media. As a whole, the series becomes a tapestry of the lives touched and stories told. We love it.

For this installment, we snagged the time and talent of Vanessa Corwin, the award-winning producer of MNN’s "HerFlix," a monthly program that offers reviews, interviews and coverage of TV and film from a woman’s perspective (check out the show's recent interviews with megastars Ellen Barkin and Robin Wright!). Asking Vanessa to write this, we knew "HerFlix" was a good fit for Women’s History Month. We just didn’t know how good. Read on to learn about the show’s dedication not just to the work of female...