Watch “My Life with Tina Hill” as the show host interviews her mother for a first-hand perspective on an immigrant’s journey to the U.S. from Iran in the 1950s.
As police-community relations continue to worsen, the public demand for reform is only getting louder. This Sunday on MNN, tune in for programming that addresses some of the criminal justice system’s most pressing issues.
On any given day, about 4,000 people are in isolated confinement in New York State prisons . On the next "Represent NYC," Bill Perkins of New York State's 30th Senatorial District and his guests discuss his bill to change the practice of solitary confinement in New York State prisons. Senator Perkins and his guests also explore if New York...
As the Republican National Convention wraps up in Cleveland today, Youth Channel program host Shamane George engages high school students Miranda Gauntlett and Kiara Joseph in an important dialogue exploring the intersection of youth, politics, and voting. In an increasingly divisive political climate, hear from future voters about their feelings toward voter engagement and the current political...
Catch up on your favorite MNN programming this week in between special Republican Convention Coverage.
As two tumultuous weeks of police violence in the United States come to a close, our Clip of the Week provides a thoughtful examination of the current injustices facing our criminal justice system.