With so much news coming fast and furious about the incoming presidential administration, our Clip of the Week brings you a closer look and commentary on recent developments with hosts Richard Speziale and Jean Lee.
Watch as the Youth Channel takes a fun look at Christmas traditions world-wide from the perspectives of both believers and non-observers.
2016 is nearing its close—what’s on your agenda for the week? We’re stopping to reflect on the year that was, and look ahead to 2017 with shows like “The Facts,” “Gotta Run with Will,” “The Carmen Mathis Show,” and “A Harlem Style Christmas Carol.”
With the end of the year approaching, please take note of upcoming closures and changes in hours at Manhattan Neighborhood Network.
2016 has been a difficult year for many and there is still work to be done to fix what is broken in New York City and beyond. This Sunday on MNN, get educated with programming about some of the pressing issues our city and nation will be faced with in the coming year.
Social media loomed large over this year’s presidential election. Watch this profile of a social media user who found himself isolated over his election-related posts.