An open mic night in the Bronx featuring The Peace Poets raised money for after school programs and ESL classes at Thrive, an organization working to end illiteracy.
Actor, singer, writer Leigh Fitzjames on “GingerNewYork,” State Senator and long-distance runner Bill Perkins on “Gotta Run with Will,” and celebrity interviewer Alain Bin Naim and his weekly show, “Aladino.” Plus the conclusion of “The Facts: Carolyn as a Scapegoat, Part 2.”
Incarcerated individuals incur additional debt related to their prison and court experiences, regardless of their or their families’ abilities to pay. “Both Sides of the Bars” host Ronald Day examines the implications of the current policy with guests Mitalia Negrecha and Antoine O’Garro.
The Youth Channel covers the recent “Beyond Knowing your Rights” event—where community leaders, lawyers, and family members who’ve lost others to police violence gathered in prayer, remembrance, and information-sharing.
Looking good on “GingerNY” with makeup artist Jacob Hyzer, and feeling great on “Gotta Run with Will” as guest Keila Merino runs to help the homeless. Plus Tuesday don’t miss “The Facts: Carolyn as a Scapegoat Part I” and a retrospective of legendary NY tv talk show host Joe Franklin